HyProCure is more affordable than you think.

With or without insurance coverage, HyProCure may be more affordable than you imagined. We encourage you to check with your specialist for details, but the cost typically ranges between $2,500 and $4,500 per foot, including the stent, supplies/local anesthesia and surgeon fees.

Investing now will save you thousands later.

When a loved one becomes visually impaired, you are likely to feel overwhelmed. You also may experience a range of feelings, from sadness to guilt, and there are many day-to-day adjustments to make. You may find yourself putting aside your feelings and needs to focus on helping your loved one cope. Yet, in many cases, you may feel alone and at a loss about what to do or how to help.

Does Insurance Cover HyProCure?

There are many health insurance plans that see the positive benefits of the EOTTS-HyProCure procedure. Unfortunately, there are others that refer to this procedure as experimental or investigational even though it is an FDA cleared medical device backed by tens of thousands of procedures and peer-reviewed scientific papers. It is unfortunate that insurance rates continue to climb higher and the types of procedures covered continue to get eliminated. Many insurance carriers only want to cover radical treatments where the “cure is worse than the disease.” Regardless of your coverage the HyProCure procedure is surprisingly affordable. Talk to your HyProCure specialist or insurance provider to find out more.

Payment Options:

HSA/FSA Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a great option to help cover the costs associated with the HyProCure procedure. You can use these pretax dollars towards payment.

Payment Plans Most HyProCure specialists offer a variety of other plans to make this life-changing procedure affordable.

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About the Doctor

Dr. Anthony Weinert

Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute

As one of Michigan’s premier podiatric surgeons, Dr. Anthony Weinert is a double board certified foot specialist located in Troy and Warren Michigan and is dedicated to relieving any foot or ankle problem. In the case of a patient with a foot imbalance, Dr. Anthony Weinert has changed patients lives by using a lifetime solution called HyProCure®.

As a Master HyProCure® surgeon, Dr. Weinert offers the HyProCure® stent procedure for those patients who suffer from partial talotarsal dislocation aka flat feet. Because of Dr.Weinert's extensive expertise and long track record of successful misalignment procedures, HyProCure® certified Dr. Weinert as a Master Surgeon and awarded him the highest "Center of Excellence" distinction & is one of the handful of centers designated as a certified center by Atlas Foot Alignment Institute.

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