Michigan Foot Doctor Helps Fix Flat Feet With Minimally Invasive Procedure

Foot Doctor Helps Fix Flat Feet

Millions of people of all ages throughout the world suffer from chronic foot pain. Many experience complications in the hips, back, neck and shoulders never realizing these were directly related to their flat and misaligned feet. A Troy, Michigan foot surgeon, Dr. Anthony Weinert, is using a revolutionary procedure that can fix your flat feet with a simple minimally invasive procedure that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Some of my patients consider me the last stop for people who have flat or misaligned feet said Dr. Weinert, one of a selected number of Hyprocure master surgeons in the world who specializes in the HyProCure® flat-foot fix procedure.

Imagine a minimally invasive procedure that will correct your foot pain and change your life. If you're a flat foot patient, you've probably not only imagined it, but have been searching for it.

The HyProCure® procedure is groundbreaking since it provides results without aggressive invasive surgery. HyProCure® corrects flat & misaligned feet (talotarsal dislocation) at its root, realigning both the foot and the entire body. Patients will be up and walking quickly after the procedure and your foot, knee, back & neck pain resolved.

Flat Feet is the Leading Cause of Back, Neck, Knee & Hip Pain

Flat feet is one of the most mis-diagnosed ailments in the world, frequently resulting in patients being treated for an array of unrelated issues like arthritis, back pain, knee braces etc. when in reality the feet were the root cause of the issue.

Flat or misaligned feet can be the direct cause of numerous foot ailments, including flat feet (fallen arches), plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, heel spurs and more as well as the direct cause of symptoms in the rest of the body such as knee pain, hip pain, back pain and even complications in the neck and shoulders.

Flat or misaligned feet will not resolve on its own, patients don't grow out of it and it's not possible to reverse it through exercise or physical therapy. The many treatments commonly used to address the symptoms of this condition merely deal with the side effects and they do not resolve the root of the problem.

How the HyProCure® Procedure Works

HyProCure® is a titantium stent inserted into a small incision into a naturally occurring space located between the ankle and heel bones. Hyprocure® maintains the alignment of these 2 bones, the normal amount of motion still occurs. Instantly the structural foundation is restored which helps to realign the entire body eliminating previous strain and fatigue in the neck, back, hips, knees, ankle and feet."My job is to figure out exactly where to place the stent to provide a perfect realignment that will relieve your tension and pain" says Dr. Weinert.

Aisha Lawrence, 32, of Toronto, Canada, flew in at the suggestion of a friend. She wanted to maintain her active lifestyle, reduce the need for her clunky orthotics and alleviate her chronic foot, back and knee pain experienced since a child. (Dr. Weinert implemented the fix on both of her feet & the results speak for itself.)

As Aisha puts it, "if you have foot pain, knee pain or back pain, you absolutely need to get this procedure!" After getting the procedure on both feet, I was up and walking shortly after and have never felt this pain free in a really, REALLY long time. I don't know why I waited this long to do this; I should have come sooner."

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary. HyProCure is a relatively simple and brief procedure of 15 to 20-minutes or less. In the very rare case, the procedure can be reversed with no long-term affects on the patient. As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks. Even though HyProCure is placed where it should be, it is possible that, due to the very complicated foot structure, there are other deformities that need to also be addressed. This is not a failure of HyProCure to stabilize the ankle bone on the heel bone.

Fix Your Flat Feet Inexpensively

The HyProCure® procedure can cost just a little under $5,000, says Dr. Weinert, but we save patients $1,000's because of our private surgical suite in Troy, MI that gives our patients the luxury of avoiding all the awful, uncomfortable things associated with having surgery in a hospital." said Dr. Weinert. "It's a two for one that not only shields our patients from infection risk, but also saves them money.

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Dr. Anthony Weinert

Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute

As one of Michigan’s premier podiatric surgeons, Dr. Anthony Weinert is a double board certified foot specialist located in Troy and Warren Michigan and is dedicated to relieving any foot or ankle problem.

As a Master HyProCure® surgeon, Dr. Weinert offers the HyProCure® stent procedure for patients who suffer from partial talotarsal dislocation aka flat feet. Because of Dr.Weinert's extensive expertise and long track record of successful misalignment procedures, HyProCure® certified Dr. Weinert as a Master Surgeon and awarded him the highest "Center of Excellence" distinction & is one of the handful of centers designated as a certified center by Atlas Foot Alignment Institute.

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